Are you in search of the perfect engagement ring but feeling rather overwhelmed by the volume of options?

We see this every day and know the swirl of questions that come with finding an engagement ring, including finding something that matches your own or your partner’s style. It’s a big deal!

We’ve come together to give you a head start in your process, and showcase popular engagement ring styles that we have, and are continuing to create, as the new year approaches.


There’s no doubt about the popularity of a blue sapphire, it’s a classic, but other blues are rivalling that of the OG. We are seeing this is in the form of  vibrant, ocean-like aquamarine and the unique sparkle of a tanzanite. Another top colour contender is teal- particularly sapphires and tourmalines.  These varying shades of gemstone bring a desired pop of colour and something unique to your ring, but which you choose will depend entirely upon your style. Here’s some inspiration:

oval tanzanite and diamondsteal tourmalines and diamondsaquamarine and diamonds

These aren’t the only coloured gemstone continuing to make an appearance.  Natural tones- oranges, browns and yellows- are adding warmer, crisps hues alongside the classic diamond. In particular common choices are champagne, cognac and yellow diamonds. This combination, with either a yellow gold, or white metal (white gold or platinum) makes for a rather striking alternative to a classic engagement ring, especially if it’s 2 gemstones in a side by side contrast, like in a toi et mois (“you and me”) style.

oval yellow diamondoval cognac diamondCaroline's Toi et Moi

No matter your decision, when it comes to gemstones we’re experts and endeavour to source the best shape, colour and quality to match your vision (and budget).


2023 has brought an air of nostalgia, especially for our 90’s generation. With this, there has been a wave of yellow gold bespoke commissions, and it doesn’t look likely to stop in 2024. Yellow gold pairs beautifully with our coloured gemstones as well as the traditional diamond. For those of you who are motivated by ethics, Fairtrade gold is certainly the option to match your beliefs. Take inspiration from some of our most clicked yellow gold rings.

pear shaped diamondFairtrade 9ct yellow goldnorthern lights inspired ring


Trilogies, trilogies, trilogies ! The last few months we’ve been designing an array of trilogy engagement rings, in all shapes and sizes. A particular preference is a soft central stone, like an oval, with round or pear shaped gemstones either side. These particular shapes lend themselves well to a mixture of styles from minimalist, statement to soft, organic inspirations. A band that has a vine-like twist or filigree engraving on the shoulder continues to be highly sought after.

yellow gold trilogy style engagement ringFairtrade rose gold trilogy engagement ring

For someone who yearns for a more angular look, a combination of straighter cuts such as square, emerald, trapezoid and baguettes work well in a trilogy where the ring style can take shape from the gemstone’s straight lines.

Mixed metal sapphire engagement ringwhite gold engagement ringwatermelon tourmaline

Now you have some ideas in mind, we can help refine your inspirations. Book a consultation and we can create a bespoke engagement ring that will truly reflect you, your partner and your union.